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Today is the day I fly out to Bari, Italy from Berlin, Germany.  It is 16 years later that I get to visit the right town where my ancestors came from at last – just to think of this….my nieces and nephews are now in their teenage years.  Oh….my….  😉

I get to stay for three days – walk and experience where my ancestors walked and lived – take some photos/videos – research at the Cathedral/Archive and several locations – buy map to see where my ancestors’ homes were – visit the cemetery and of course, enjoy the town with its food, culture, way of life, beach and view of sea.  I checked the weather and here is forecast for next 5 days:

Nice and sunny weather with balmy temp - for US folks, that's in mid- to high-70's degrees F. YAY!!!!!

Nice and sunny weather with balmy temp – for US folks, that’s in mid- to high-70’s degrees F. YAY!!!!!

Thanks to all of my family, friends and folks for all of their support, help and encouragement to break down a brick wall on my paternal grandfather’s family (Lepore/Lasorsa).  The brick wall just crumbled down a few days with help of wonderful genealogist/translator which I am truly blessed with connecting with and getting to know her.

I plan to give an update here once I am ready to share my discoveries/experiences after my trip to Giovinazzo.  Hope all is well with y’all.  Italy, here I come again to the right town after all!!!!!  😉