Hello folks!  My mother, father and I met my father’s first cousin, Grace “Mickey” W., today.  I think my father and Mickey haven’t seen each other for over 50 years and it was a hearty reunion for them.  We showed some pictures and exchange some stories about our family members.  I found another picture of Angelina Lasorsa….I love this one!!!!  You will see why!

Angelina Lasorsa - Reading comics - before 1930

Angelina Lasorsa – Reading comics – before 1930

My father was going through his tool box this morning and came across a tiny pin button that he thought it was his paternal grandfather, but wasn’t entirely positive.  His grandfather died before he was born.  So, we bought the pin to show it to Mickey and she confirmed that it was indeed Angelo Lepore, my father’s and Mickey’s grandfather!!!!!  Mickey vividly recalled him twisting his mustache every morning and how her mother, Mary L., loved to sneak up behind him to mimic his twisting as making fun of him.  LOL  Angelo did caught Mickey’s mother doing that once in while.  😉  Mickey also said that when she was a child and she didn’t like having him to kiss her cuz of his mustache!!!!  🙂  Here is a picture of Angelo Lepore – husband of Angelina Lasorsa:

Angelo Lepore - 1930's?

Angelo Lepore – 1930’s?

Wow….so thrilled to have picture of both of my paternal great-grandparents!!!!!  Thanks goodness that we have Mickey to confirm these pictures.  Mickey has a locket with a picture of her grandmother – Angelina Lasorsa.  Now, there are three pictures in total of Angelina Lasorsa.  I will figure out how to scan Mickey’s locket since it is challenge to do so cuz of tiny size and its “dome-shaped” display.  Enjoy the pictures!