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Tonight, I hit a jackpot!  I went through my Grand Uncles/Aunts on the Lepore Family side to review.  I searched to see if there were any new records as hundreds of records being added/updated on daily basis due to ongoing indexing project (I am involved in this).  I saw there were some new records on one of my Grand Uncles – Andrew Lepore.  He was the brother of my Grand Uncle Joseph Lepore, where my Dad and I paid him a respect at cemetery across from EWR airport a week ago.  I opened up and took a glance at a record – US Application for Seaman’s Protection Certificates.  I immediately recognized a home address and date and place of birth which matched with the information I had on Andrew Lepore from other sources.  I  was so elated!!!!  I scrolled down and I gasped as I couldn’t believe in my own eyes that there was a portrait attached!!!  It was my first time ever viewing what my Grand Uncle Andrew Lepore looked like when he was 25 years old – handsome and indeed reminiscence of “Lepore eyes”.

Andrew Lepore - 25 years old in early 1930's

Andrew Lepore – 25 years old in early 1930’s

My jaw even dropped more further when I found countless “Passenger Lists” across ports in USA – New York, Boston, Seattle and much more as he worked on various ship as bellboy, wiper and oiler.  I am not done going through these records yet!!!!  I vividly recalled my Dad telling me about him traveling around the world and importing some exotic artifacts.  So far from what I can tell, I envy of him!  He traveled to pretty much almost every corners of the world – Bermuda, North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.  He even traveled to Cuba in 1930’s!  Again, I am not done going through his records……wow, what a global trotter he was via ship…I must take over him, however via plane!  🙂  🙂

It looks like it will take a few days for me to sort out records on Andrew Lepore.  I am thrilled to learn something about him!  I may update this blog at later date if I find some more intriguing information.   Kudos to moi for finding his record with a portrait of him.  Wow!