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This past October, I wrote about locating my Grand Uncle Joseph Lepore after years of searching since mid-1980’s.  I wanted to visit his grave site, but the weather became too cold and blah for me to make a trip.  I just let it sit until this Spring as I promised to myself that I must make a time to do so.

Today, after arriving in the morning at EWR – airport code for Newark Liberty International Airport, I asked my father if we had some time to swing by the cemetery and he chuckled and said yes.  It was literally within a stone’s throw from EWR – just across the Route 1 and 9 and next to Budweiser plant as I mentioned previously.  We looked around and realized that we have been passing around this area for years and years and never knew that Joseph Lepore had been laid to rest there for entire time!!!!  LOL!

Well, we drove up to the office to make an inquiry of his exact location.  The lady at the office was a sweetheart.  She gave us a map and helpful instructions on how to locate my Grand Uncle Joseph and Grand Aunt Mary’s grave site.  We easily found his grave site.  Oh my…..what a view with Budweiser plant in front of us, Amtrak tracks on our left, The Parking Spot company and Route 1/9 on our right.  Gee…..The Budweiser plant was opened in 1951 and the EWR was established in 1928, but it was not as huge as it is now.

Here is some pictures of grave site, headstone and marker (Grand Uncle Joseph was US Veteran of World War I).

My father and I discussed and agreed that when Joseph died in 1954 and the marker was established for him.  When Lucy died in 1988, the headstone was added by then.  That’s why there is headstone and marker in same area.  Intriguing, eh?

I added pictures and information to findagrave.com.  It leaves me with trying to locate:

  • his child(ren) – Angelica/Angelina and Joseph “Sonny”
  • his sister Mary and her family (found one of Mary’s children being alive now, her name is Angela.  We hope to meet her sometimes soon since it was probably 60 years since my Dad and Angela last saw each other!)
  • his brother Andrew’s children (found his grave site along with his wife)
  • his sister Grace and probably her family (still searching)

I am proud of myself on how much I accomplished this by being patient and steadfast with research and search.  Hopefully, I will get to meet Angela, my Dad’s cousin, soon!  Speaking of the cousin, my parents will fly out to Ireland this week to meet my Mom’s cousins for the first time!  I met her cousins this past March in Ireland and had an astounding time with them discussing about our family tree and looking through pictures for the first time.  I plan to write about my experiences when time permits.  I wish my parents and my Aunt Kathleen (my Mom’s sister)/Uncle Charles an unforgettable journey of their lifetime to Eire especially meeting their cousins and visiting our family’s farm and house for the first time!