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Gee…..I just got a picture from my dear friend, Olly T., from the Down Under – she took this picture of a cemetery today from her railway car in south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:

Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery from railway, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery from railway, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

I looked at this picture and couldn’t believe that I passed by this cemetery where my maternal grand uncle, David F. Walsh, was buried on daily basis for about a week while visiting my dear friend in Melbourne area in October 2013.  Please allow me to share you some stories behind this.  Here is a link to location of Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery and Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery profile via Find A Grave website.

I have to laugh about this…..Until a few days ago, my cousin, Tom J., re-located his death certificate, he discovered David’s final resting place at the certain cemetery.  You might wonder how did my family ended up in Australia since they came from Ireland.  From what I know, my grand uncle, David F. Walsh, immigrated to Australia from Ireland in early 1950’s – part of wave of Irish women and men leaving Ireland going to Australia after World War II for better opportunity at life and/or job.

Excerpt from the link provided above:

Post WWII migration

It wasn’t until the end of World War II that Australia became a truly multicultural society. There was a concern that, with such a small population, Australia might not be able to defend herself in another war. The government’s migration slogan became “populate or perish.”

After my grand uncle’s re-settlement in Australia, my maternal grand aunt, Christina K. Mutton nee Walsh, and her family moved to the Land of Oz from England – Adelaide area in South Australia in mid-1950’s.  Tom and I lost in touch with Christina’s family in late 20th century and we hope to re-establish our connection with them, somehow.  One thing at a time.

You might recall my mention of discovering my paternal grand uncle which I mentioned a few days ago – his final resting place was right next to the Bud factory plant and EWR airport.  I have been passed by that area since 1980 without knowing until a few weeks ago.  Amazing how the Find A Grave website is….to help us to find our long lost relatives.

I plan to visit my paternal grand uncle’s grave site (the one next to Bud plant and EWR airport) in few days with weather permitting.  With my maternal grand uncle’s grave site (David F. Walsh), a volunteer from Find A Grave plans to take a picture of his grave site and will post it on his memorial in a few days.  It is amazing!  I guess it will be on my list to visit his grave site in person when I return to the Land of Oz with along of some hopes of finding rest of his family and my maternal grand aunt’s family as well.