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Today, my parents and I made a trek out to Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City, New Jersey USA to check out a couple of grave sites.  The grave sites belong to the Lepore Family.  We looked up for my great grandparents and great aunts/uncles.  We knew about my great grandparents, but not a couple of aunt/uncle which I just discovered a few weeks ago.  They are Andrew and Irene Lepore.  Here is a photo of their lovely headstone:

Headstone of Andrew and Irene Lepore

Headstone of Andrew and Irene Lepore – my great uncle/aunt

What a wonderful discovery.  I wished that we knew about Andrew being buried when we visited my great grandparents in mid 2000’s, but the genealogy tools back in 2000’s were cumbersome and not Internet-accessible/friendly by then.  Better late than never.  Only one thing that we are saddened that we didn’t know that Irene was still live until 1991.  *sigh*  I hope to locate their children which we didn’t know until we saw this headstone declaring them as beloved spouses and parents.  Cool!

We paid our visit to my great grandparents and the headstone is in very good shape since it was removed to add an inscription of my great grandfather who died in 1943, but was nameless until mid 2000’s!  Here is a picture of The Lepore Family headstone:

Headstone of The Lepore Family

Headstone of The Lepore Family – Angelo, Angelina/Angelica, Vincent & Anna

Headstone of The Lepore Family with new inscription

Headstone of The Lepore Family with new inscription – Angelo died in 1943 and his name had not inscribed until mid 2000’s.

I found out that the office didn’t have Anna’s and Vincent’s last name spelled correct, but we cannot have it corrected.  HMPH!  I am going to explore into options to see if I can get them corrected somehow, because when one searches for them via Holy Name Cemetery website and they will not find them under Lepore!  What was even more interesting was that the records were not accurate with ages and interment date.  Geez!  I may try to find their death certificates along with my great grandparents and Andrew/Irene Lepore.

I updated The Lepore Family graves with information and photos via Find A Grave website.  I am trying to find other missing great uncle/aunts out there – Joseph, Mary, Grace, and Anna (?) and their spouses/children, so it is one of my challenges.  🙂