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My parents and I visited a cemetery in East Hanover, New Jersey – Gate of Heaven – to search for Joseph Lepore’s grave – my grand uncle.  We went to the office to get grave location information.  We found out that a person who buried with him had different name.  We knew that Joseph Lepore married a woman named Lucy/Lucille (haven’t discovered her maiden name yet) and they had a son named Joseph “Sonny” Lepore, Jr. and a daughter named Angelica T. Lepore.  So, we went to locate the grave location.  We found the grave and read the plaque that Mary C. was buried with Joseph P. Lepore.  There were two Lepore plaques, but we didn’t recognized who they were.  I took some pictures of them, anyway.

Plague of Joseph & Mary Lepore

Plague of Joseph & Mary Lepore – not related to our Lepore Family

Plague of Unknown Lepores

Plague of Unknown Lepores

Plague of Anthony & Rose V. Lepore

Plague of Anthony & Rose V. Lepore – not related to our Lepore Family

We went back to the office asking about Lucy Lepore and got the grave location.  We were told that she was buried alone.  We knew that these people were probably not related to us, nevertheless we headed out to hunt for her grave location.  We found it and knew that Lucy/Lucia Lepore was not related to our family. I took some pictures, anyway.  As we walked back to car, we noticed another headstone with Lepore on it.  I took a picture of it.  🙂

Headstone of Lucia Lepore

Headstone of Lucia Lepore – not related to our Lepore Family

Headstone of Anna & Ambrose Lepore

Headstone of Anna & Ambrose Lepore – not related to our Lepore Family

I backtracked to find out what was going on with Joseph Lepore’s profile in my Family Tree and found out that back in mid 1990’s, my Dad bought the Broderbund Family Tree Maker software.  We looked through and assumed that Joseph Lepore was related to our family, so we attached his birth and death date to his profile.  Upon my discovery of a ship manifest of the Lepore Family in around 2005 (via Genealogy workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah USA), I didn’t went back to Joseph’s profile to double check his birth date.  It was off around 2 years between 2 Joseph Lepores.  *sigh*  Today, I deleted Joseph Lepore’s birth and death date from his profile.  I am back to square one to try to find his birth record in Italy – Giovinazzio in province Bari, Italy along with his parents – Angela/Angelo and Angelina.

With the pictures I took of the Lepores today from the cemetery, I uploaded these pictures to these Lepores via Find A Grave website as my gift to them to give them a picture of their graves for anyone who searches and finds them online.  At least, our trip was not totally wasted.  🙂