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Yesterday, I worked on some records via Ancestry and Find A Grave…..I noticed something interesting with the dates….if the dates are correct and verified, then….my paternal great grandmother, Angelina L., from Italy was pregnant with Andrew L. (my great uncle) while her family was sailing from Italy to USA in May 1905.  Andrew was born in Dec 1905.   Mmmmm!?!?!  Very interesting, indeed!

What’s even more intriguing is that my family figured out and agreed that Andrew was named after his paternal uncle, Andrea L., who sponsored my family (at that time, it involved parents – Angelo and Angelina – and children – Joseph, Mary, and Lawrence).  I noticed that from the record, Andrea lived in Little Italy area in New York City at time when my family arrived in USA!  I have a copy of ship manifest somewhere…so I need to locate, scan, and share it with y’all.  This manifest comes with amazing stories which I plan to share later on.  🙂